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We provide support, stability and security for those seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. We believe with peer support and access to basic needs these individuals will be able to completely restore their lives and become self sustaining members of our community.

2024 Summer FUNdraiser! The Need Is Great!

THE NEED IS GREAT! We are so grateful for the individuals and community partners who invest in our mission. Over 80% of our funding comes from private donors like you. Maybe you know someone with an addiction problem, a family member or a neighbor?

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Providing A Hand Up Out Of The Depths Of Addiction To An Abundant Life!

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We have partnered with many of the best run sober transitional houses in Manatee and Sarasota County. This gives us access to hundreds of available beds locally which allows for our team to place someone earnestly seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction within the first 24 hours of initial contact. There are fees associated with living in sober transitional housing. Hand Up To Victory will temporarily fund housing fees once accepted into our program.


Many of the individuals we assist are coming into our program from jail, rehab, detox or, in some cases, are homeless living on the street. They have nothing and nobody to help them. In an effort to eliminate barriers for employment to be established. We provide clients with access to food, vouchers for clothing and replacement identification, prepaid cell phones, hygiene items, peer to peer support, guidance, encouragement and a weekly recovery meeting.


Those trapped in the vicious cycle of addiction often times have committed crimes in an effort to obtain drugs to feed their addictions. Having a criminal history presents a problem in finding employment. We have partnered with a few local businesses that will hire convicted felons. We have also created a employment resource guide with many second chance employers listed as well as local employment agencies that will work with convicted felons.


It is because of the generosity of supporters like you that lives are being transformed.  Your donations restore hope to people that are all too familiar with hopelessness.  To make a REAL difference in someone’s life, donate today!  This community is ours to rebuild!

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