Transitioning to a lifestyle of recovery is simple
but never easy!

We are here to help you through this process.

Life transformation necessities

No Drug Use

Client must maintain 100% sobriety/clean time from all mind/mood altering substances

Stable employment

We believe part of recovery is getting and maintaining employment. We have access to specific employers that agree to hire convicted felons.

12 step program

Getting a sponsor and diving into step-work is imperative to working out character defects that lead to relapse.


Recovery will need to be priority one! Time will be needed to attend meetings, work 12 steps, keep in constant contact with mentors and other sober/clean contacts.


We have Leaders and mentors that can help to guide your recovery process.

Meeting Attendance

In recovery we must seek meetings in our local area. Our mentors can lead you to meetings that will fit your recovery personally.

Testimonies From Amazing People

What We Offer You:

What To Expect?

  1. To maintain full sobriety/clean time from all mind mood altering substances including those that could possibly cause a false positive on any drug test.
  2. Maintain stable employment.
  3. Find a sponsor.
  4. Begin working a 12 step program.
  5. Check in regularly with status updates.
  6. Agree to random drug tests.

Intake Application for Assistance

Please complete this assessment and one of our team members will contact you to for further assistance.

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